GlassAppZ Review – CamelBak Thirst

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Delirium, vomiting, and unconsciousness are all serious effects of being dehydrated.  Do you see the importance of drinking water now?  The recommended amount of water is 9 to 13 cups a day.  Unfortunately, I hardly drink this much water, and most likely I am not the only one.  It is like I need a reminder, otherwise drinking water is at the bottom of my to-do list.  If you are having issues staying hydrated, CamelBak Thirst has your back.  CamelBak Thirst is looking for inventive ways to help individuals create better habits and healthier lifestyles.


CamelBak is reinventing the way people hydrate and perform.  In 1989, the company started the hands-free hydration industry with bottles and backpacks.  Almost 24 years later, CamelBak takes these hydration techniques to the next level by creating the first hydration app for Google Glass.  After accepting the terms of service, customize your scheduled reminders.  The option to send 3 reminders per day is available, but if you do not stay on top of deleting them, your timeline is bound to become cluttered.  Shortly after saving your reminders, you will start receiving cards.

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CamelBak Thirst is a moderately active application compared to existing glassware.  Usually I will receive around 5 to 7 cards within a day.  This app has more to offer than just hydration reminders.  CamelBak Thirst detects your location to send you weather conditions.  The weather cards provide the temperature, different forecasts (cloudy, rainy, or clear), and a reminder to stay hydrated.  The best part about CamelBak Thirst are the tips.  A few tips are common sense, but there are many helpful, educational tips too.  Overall, this glassware can be extremely beneficial to consumers.  For more information about CamelBak Thirst, check out the video below.  Remember, hydration is important.

GlassAppZ Review – Glass Praiser

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According to Maslow, self-esteem is one of the key ingredients in living a successful life.  The higher one’s self-esteem is, the easier it is to pick yourself up, and start again.  Every so often, even the person with the highest self-esteem might have an off day, and they need a little boost.  Guilherme Carvalho has created a glass app just for this.


Glass Praiser is a simple app created for Google Glass.  Visit the app’s website to customize what time you would like to receive a message.  Because you are so awesome, they will send you one compliment every day, at the time you choose.  After updating the preferred time, a notification card will appear in your timeline.  If you have any suggestions for Carvalho, join the Glass Praiser community.  This application works great, and does exactly what it says it will.

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When I first heard of Glass Praiser, I was curious about the compliments one would receive.  Some people think the messages are meaningless, and others think they are humorous.  Are they helping my self-esteem though?  Considering space aliens do not exist, I do not watch Star Wars, and Abraham Lincoln is still dead, the answer is most likely no.  These messages might not be doing much for my self-esteem, but occasionally I will end up laughing out loud.  I think it would be nicer if the application sent more helpful messages.  I would not mind seeing quotes like “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are,” or “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  Glass Praiser is promoting egotistical thoughts, but at the same time making people laugh.  I believe anything that makes you smile is helpful and useful.  Carvalho is making Glass Explorers’ lives a little better, one message at a time.