Tits & Glass and policy changes

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There have been quite a few interesting developments in the world of Glass today.


Glass gets Porn

Tits & Glass, the first pornography app for Glass, was released today to a waiting world.  This glassware sends pornographic images to the user’s timeline.  You can vote and comment on images.  Comments use the Glass speech-to-text capabilities.  Also, you can share your own pornographic images with the T&G community.

An interesting and inevitable concept.  Since the Dawn of Tech, we have seen technology and pornography go hand in… uh… hand.  “In my day, the internet was only used to download porn”, or so said Philip J. Fry when speaking of the 1990’s.  I can’t begin to tell you how many solitaire apps I’ve seen on Android with clunky UI’s and naked girls.  Unlike iPhone’s Appstore, the Android Market (now the Google Play Store) has never been “curated”, so almost anything goes.  Now we have a new tech venue, and porn is quick to follow.  They call it “Rule #34: “If it exists, there IS porn on it.”

So I proceeded to try to review Tits & Glass.  Even though everyone is talking about it, nobody wants to admit actually using it.  But I’m not going to shy away from the risque.  Alas…

Google says “NO”

I have this pet peeve about people changing the rules at the last minute, and that’s what happened here.  On June 1st, Google changed their Glass Platform Developer Policies to forbid “sexually explicit material”.  MiKandi, the developers of Tits & Glass, only became aware of this development after their glassware was launched.  Google’s Policy states

“Violations of these policies are violations of the Glass API Terms of Service, and can result in the disablement or removal of your application, being prohibited from providing future applications, or termination of your Google Account(s).” 

It’s that last part that’s really scary, at least for Glass owners.  Your Glass is linked with your Google account –  it cannot be transferred – so if your Google account is dead, it would be like losing the keys to the kingdom.

Furthermore, if Tits & Glass gets the Google boot, their app would no longer be easy to load.  The user would have no way of turning the app “On” in the MyGlass website, so the app would need to be side-loaded, which is not something the average user wants to do.

At the risk of offending someone, I’d like to say this is a decision Google should have made a long time ago, BEFORE the first Glass devices were released to developers.  This app was obvious.

Google had a similar “no pornography” rule in place in the Android market but they didn’t really enforce it, at least not in the first few years.  I can’t tell you how often I flagged pornographic solitaire games on Android to no avail.  Let me be clear – I am a woman and I am not offended by pornography.  I AM offended by “developers” taking someone else’s software, adding stolen nude photos to it and cluttering up the market with it.  Honestly, the Cards & Casino section (where my company sells our fine quality card games) used to look like a porn store and it turned away our potential customers.

So if Google allowed that image to define their aspiring Android market back before it became popular, I’m really quite puzzled about this development.

So what’s the deal with Tits & Glass?

After installing T&G, I waited and waited for pornographic photos to appear in my timeline.  “Where’s my porn?” I thought, and wondered how my life had come to this.  I tapped a photo and looked for the option to share it to T&G but there was no new sharing option available.  I scanned the website looking for new submissions from the app’s users.  The page of images was up when my business partner, Josh, entered my office for our daily meeting.  I explained the situation but neglected to minimize the window until he complained that it was “distracting”.

This whole story is starting to sound like the premise of an x-rated film.  The fact is, I just wanted to write my review and get on with my day but so far I saw no evidence that T&G worked at all.

Finally, I found the answers in the website’s blog:

Wow, what a morning, folks. Really. We appreciate all the positive feedback on our adult Glass app, Tits & Glass.

Since we announced the availability of Tits & Glass this morning, nearly 10,000 unique vistors have visited, and a dozen Glass users have already signed up with our app. Not surprisingly, we’ve reached our API limits. Our previously approved request to up our limit was later denied today, so unfortunately, there’ll be no more updates to Tits & Glass until tomorrow.

However, more importantly, and thus the purpose behind this blog post- MiKandi became aware today that Google changed its policy over the weekend to ban adult content on all Glassware.

When we received our Glass and started developing our app 2 weeks ago, we went through the policy very carefully to make sure we were developing the app within the terms. We double checked again last week when making the site live on the Internet and available for install for testing during last week’s announcement. We were not notified of any changes and still haven’t been notified by Google. We also double checked our emails to see if any notifications of policy changes were announced, but we haven’t found any such emails.

Although the app is still live and people are using it, at this point we must make changes to the app in order to comply with the new policies. Expect to see changes to the application tomorrow.

Best regards,

Jesse Adams

CEO, MiKandi

Not surprisingly, the bottom of Google’s policy page makes this statement:

“These policies may be revised from time to time without notice. Please check back here for any updates.”

So there you have it.  I can’t review the app today since the API limit has been reached, and I think I’ll have to get up pretty early tomorrow if I want a crack at it.

In the mean time, anyone with or without Glass can view and vote on the images on the Tits & Glass website.  They are shown in order of popularity (by votes), and I can tell you there have been new images added since I started looking into this earlier.  This is the link:  It is very pornographic – what I would consider XX rated photos – so enter at your own risk and don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

For the less X-rated web page that discusses how to set up Tits & Glass, you can click here instead:

Or for the short version, here’s a screenshot from the page as of today.  I expect the whole thing will be different by tomorrow.

Old how it works


GlassAppZ Review: MedRef for Glass

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It amazes me how many people write about an app like MedRef without ever telling you anything new about using it. Realizing that MedRef did more than the typical transport of data, I did a bit of research trying to find out what other people experienced while using the app.  All I found was the typical cant about privacy and Big Brother.  Enough of that nonsense!  Here’s the real scoop about MedRef.

First, the facial recognition is done through a web service called  Lance Nanek discusses the code he uses on his blog, NeatoCode Techniques.  His code is open source on GitHub and the link to it is available from his blog.

Since most of the hype regarding MedRef stems from its use of facial recognition, you may be more interested in this next post where I discuss my experiences with Betafaceapi and how you can check it out for yourself without Glass.

*  *  *

MedRef is designed as a way to organize and access medical records.  It does some neat things  I haven’t seen before, like the “Pin” feature:


Pinning MedRef places the MedRef “card” just to the left of the home screen so it is always easy to access.

Pinned to timeline

When you tap the MedRef card, it gives you this option:


You can create a patient by tapping this card and then saying the patient’s name aloud.  I created a patient named “Audrey”, which made a card for Audrey to the right of my home screen.  By tapping Audrey’s card, I got this option to add a note:

Adding note

Another tap gives you the opportunity to record a note.  I said the words “test note” (not especially creative, I know) and that turned Audrey’s card to a bundle that looks like this:

With a note

Tapping the bundle allowed me to access the note which looked like this:


So that all works well.  After several attempts, I still have not figured out how to link a photo with the file.  It isn’t explained in the blog OR the video since the patient’s file with photo is already set up before the video demo takes place.  I’ve tried sharing a photo with both of these cards:

Patient Search

The only response I’ve received was this one:


From watching the video, I suspect that the app would only try to match a photo with photos in a patient file, which would not work if there are no photos in the patient file.  That’s only a theory, and this app seems more like a proof of concept than a finished product.

So I went to Betafaceapi to see what they had going on in the facial recognition department.  You can read more about that here.

As far as MedRef goes, I think it has a lot of potential, and it’s great to see a Glass app do something more than send a photo or put a headline in front of your face.

GlassAppZ Review: Through Glass

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The Through Glass app allows you to see the photos that your fellow Glass Explorers are uploading from Glass to G+.  You can see them on and on your Glass device.

Through Glass website

Thruglass web

In the Glass timeline:

Thruglass card

Thruglass card2

Through Glass does what it says, and if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the Glass community, it may be a great addition to your timeline.  As for me, I think I’d prefer to check the #throughglass posts on Google+ where I have the ability to +1 and comment on them.

However, this brings an interesting topic to mind.  I wonder what the Glass experience is like for Glass users who actually know other Glass users.  I live in the midwest, and so far I’ve only met one person who was able to identify Glass.  I recognize other Glass Explorer names from the communities, but I don’t really know any other Glass Explorers.

But when the invitations to pick up Glass started rolling out, I saw LOTS of G+ posts from people who were driving to Google to pick it up.  I’d bet the Glass users in California are much more likely to know other Glass users.  To them, these Through Glass posts might have more meaning.  You might say “Oh, look!  Pete finally managed a trip to the beach!”  I wonder…

GlassAppZ Review: Glass to Facebook

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It’s here!  Post your Glass photos directly to Facebook with Glass To Facebook!

Tesseract Mobile, makers of hit Android games such as Solitaire Free Pack and Gin Rummy, brings you the first Facebook app for Glass.  It’s easy to set up:

1.  Go to and click “login”.



2.  Click “Okay” to the 2 authorization boxes:

1Access profile

2Post publicly

3.  Turn Glass To Facebook “On” in the MyGlass site.  After that, you can post your photos to Facebook straight from Glass!


There’s my favorite little photo subject right there on Facebook in under a minute!  Facebook is quite strict about app names – no use of the words “face” OR “book”, or even the letters “FB” are allowed – so the Facebook post will appear under the name “Glass Post”.

The photo quality is great, posting is quick and easy, who could ask for more?  Sure, I love Google+, but a lot of my friends and family are planted firmly on Facebook.  Now I can share the good stuff with everyone in seconds!

GlassAppZ Review: Glassagram

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The first photo editing app on Glass has arrived and its name is Glassagram!

As an avid photographer and an Android app developer, I had thought about the logistics of a photo editor for Glass.  The problem is the delay.  If you edit a photo on Glass, it is not the same as editing it on your phone.  The photo is sent to Google, the instructions are sent to Google and the resulting image is sent back.  As a result, if you wanted to brighten your image just a bit, you’d have to wait a ridiculously long time to get visual feedback on a minor change.

So, for one reason or another, the standard UIs that we all know and love are not going to work on Glass.  How, then, do you make a photo editor that is fun to use?  Well, Glassagram thought of a way.  Glassagram makes 5 variations on your image, all at the same time.  You can choose your favorite and go from there.  Yes, you still have to wait for the image to go through Google, and yes that process still takes a few minutes, but once you get your bundle back from Glassagram you have 5 varied and interesting images to view and consider.  It’s not a perfect system, but it is a great plan for the confines we have currently.

Here’s the step-by-step:

1.  Go to

2. Click “Allow”, which will take you to this page.  Follow the instructions from there:


My experiences:

I sent a photo.  It looked like this:

Charlie 0

A few minutes later, I received a bundle back from Glassagram.  I recognized it as a bundle because of the dog-eared corner in the upper right.

Glasagram bundle

The message seemed quite confident, so I tapped Glass to open the bundle.

Charlie 1   Charlie 2

Charlie3   Charlie 4

Charlie 5

The filtered photos look quite interesting.  It appears we have a black & white, a sepia, a lomo effect, an increased contrast and a brighten…?  Well, I’m sure about the black & white and the sepia.  The other filters may reveal themselves more on different photographs.  A nice choice of effects, fun to play with.  Looks good to me!


GlassAppZ Review: Fullscreen Beam

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Quick and easy video upload to YouTube is here thanks to Fullscreen Beam!  Here is a walkthrough of the setup process.  Their website looks very polished!

1. Go to


2. Click on Sign In.  That will take you to the Access page.  There are a lot of permissions for this app:


3. Setup preferences and click “Submit Changes”.  A green message should appear near the bottom of your screen saying “Preferences Updated”.


4. Turn Fullscreen Beam “On” in the Sharing Contacts section of the MyGlass site.  It was on the bottom of the list for me:


5.  Now when you go to “Share” a video, you will have the new option to share it to “Fullscreen Beam”.  This will automatically upload the video to YouTube with a title of the date and time and “#throughglass”.  Here’s mine:

My experiences:

The wifi at our house is not great, so my video showed no signs of uploading until I turned the Bluetooth connection on.  Then I re-shared the video to Fullscreen Beam and it appeared on YouTube a few minutes later.  I was curious if it had uploaded the new share or the first (wifi) share, so I uploaded a different video that was 8 seconds long.  I kept watching for the confirmation email, but I noticed the video had uploaded a minute or so BEFORE the email arrived.  That one took about 10 to 15 minutes to appear on YouTube.

So the app works, it is quick and easy to use, but it may take a little while to upload.  But that’s to be expected with video.  It is very convenient to send your video right to YouTube in a single step.  Sharing content just got easier!

GlassAppZ Review: Winky

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Glass apps are sprouting up all over.  As we speak, I am waiting for 2 different apps to work so I can write up reviews for them.  In the mean time, let me tell you what I know about Winky.

Winky was big news a few days ago.  However, since most of the people reporting on it don’t even have Glass, they couldn’t verify if it actually worked.  Instead, they turned the story into another big PRIVACY scare.

Winky accesses the wink detection in Glass and allows you to take a photo simply by winking.  No movement of the hand, no voice.  Yes, people could be taking pictures of you all day long and you’d never know it.  In other words, Glass could be used just like one of those pens with the hidden camera that they sell for $30.  Except it isn’t hidden at all.  It’s right on your face.  And anyone can look at the screen.  And Glass costs a lot more money.

I was a lot more interested in whether Winky actually worked.  Just because there was wink detection in the code doesn’t mean that Glass has the hardware to detect if the user is winking.  I skimmed the Google+ post where Mike DiGiovanni, the developer of Winky, describes the app.  A lot of people comment and sound impressed.  They ask if he’ll share how he did it.  But nobody (that I saw) confirms that it actually works.

Well, in order to find out the truth, my partner Joshua Frank had to do a lot of technical stuff that is outside of my expertise, but after a lot of doubt and several hours of work, Josh finally installed the app.

Yes, it works.

The Glass screen does not even need to be on.  Just wink and it takes a photo.  I saw Josh do it.  I did it.  Winky works!

No, you can not do an quick, easy upload and start winking pictures in the blink of an eye.  It’s complicated to get Winky working on your Glass.  So complicated that Josh will have to write that article.

But, in the mean time, I can at least tell you that Winky Works.


GlassAppZ Review: Glassnost

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Glassnost – an exclusive photo club for Glass Explorers…

…At least that’s how I see it.  Kinda like that swanky lounge at the airport.  Or the high-limit room at the casino.  Post your photo on Glassnost and you are joining the most exclusive party since Google I/O!

It’s easy to get started:

1. Go to and sign up.

Glassnost 1

2.  Turn Glassnost “On” in the Sharing Contacts section of the MyGlass site:

Glassnost 2

3.  Go to a photo you’d like to share and share it to Glassnost.  Glassnost will appear as a sharing option just like any other circles or apps you have turned “On” in Sharing Contacts.

4.  Your photo will appear on the site almost immediately:

Glassnost 3

You can also view Glassnost content from Glass.  A card will appear in your history displaying your most popular photos and how many votes they have gotten.

It’s interesting to see what other people are photographing.  You can vote on a photo by “liking” it on  There’s a popularity ranking based on “likes”.  In fact, the photo I uploaded today is currently #6  :-)

GlassAppZ Review: New York Times

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This is your

New York Times:


This is your New York Times

on Glass:

Image courtesy of Maag Microform Center

Any Questions?


I expected something to show up on Glass after I installed the app, but nada.  So then I thought maybe I’d done something wrong.  Then I went out to get breakfast.  When I came back, I noticed this new card in my timeline:


I tapped on the card, and then got this card:


Yikes!  Well, I guess that explains it.  The Times gives you breaking news as it happens, not old news.  That makes sense.  However, it’s hard to read a headline like this and then go on about your day.  Your curiosity has been piqued, right?  Well, NYT to the rescue!  Tap Glass and this option appears:


So I tapped again, and my Glass proceeded to say “Archaeologists excavating a trash pit found marks on a skull and skeleton of a girl that suggested human consumption.”

And that was all.  No matter how often I tapped, I wasn’t going to learn any more.  Like why would archaeologists be digging around in a trash pit?  And how long had the girl been dead?  I was visualizing more of a garbage dump when, in actuality, it was from the Jamestown colony in the early 1600’s.  It was a historical site, not the site of a murder investigation.

Ironically, when I was going out for breakfast, I was contemplating how valuable these little news “snippets” might be.  I’d just read this article from the Huffington Post about the Times app and I suspected headline offered in the app would only lure you in and make you want more.  I did expect a greater section of the article to be read aloud, however, but now I think I understand the purpose of this app.

This app works well – it does what it says – but it really only serves to further interrupt your day.  Do you really need to be the first to know about a four-hundred year old act of cannibalism?  Obviously the headline won’t give you enough information to feel “informed”, so what will you do?  You’ll probably go to (like I did) where you’ll see lots of ads making lots of money for the struggling newspaper industry.


I didn’t consider this one to be too newsworthy, but it was attractive.  Maybe that counts for something.