About Glass Hangouts

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If you want to hangout with someone via your Glass, there are a few steps that must be taken first…

1.  They must be in a G+ circle of yours (obviously, for a G+ hangout).

2.  You’ll need to go to the MyGlass website and turn them “On” under Sharing Contacts.

3.  You must initiate the hangout with them by saying “Ok Glass”…  “hang out with”… and then a list of your possible options will appear.  Say the same of the person or circle you want to contact.  If the person you want is not on the list, perhaps you didn’t do #2.

I had this problem yesterday because I thought I could just add the person as a contact on the MyGlass app on my Android, but that didn’t add them to the hangout list.  I thought it wasn’t syncing.  More accurately, it wasn’t sinking in that I was going about things the wrong way.

4.  As of now, you cannot enter an existing hangout from Glass.  Rather, you must initiate the hangout on Glass and invite people from there.  Makes things a little more challenging, but if you plan ahead with well-organized circles, it may end up second-nature in no time.

Here’s a new video I captured today from my computer screen showing the feed from Glass in a G+ Hangout.  I thought the quality issues I saw yesterday might have been due to poor light, but today’s version doesn’t look much different.  Considering it’s a live broadcast from a tiny wearable camera, I’d say it’s quite impressive all the same!

Just as before, here’s a comparison video recorded on Glass, uploaded to my Computer and then up to YouTube with significantly higher quality.


Hanging Out with Glass

Category : Hangouts, Photo & Video · (2) Comments · by April 30, 2013

If you’re on a Google+ Hangout with your Glass, what is the person on the other side seeing?  Take a look:

This was recorded straight from my computer screen using CamStudio. I’m in a Hangout, and the video is what was recorded and transmitted from Glass LIVE into the Google+ Hangout.

Now just so you have something to compare it to, here is a second video I recorded with Glass a few minutes later (after I gave the battery a chance to charge). This video was RECORDED, downloaded onto my computer, uploaded onto YouTube, just like you would do with any digital camera.

Remember to use the highest available video quality (click the little gear in the YouTube interface to change playback quality) if you want to get the most accurate representation.

You’ll notice the video quality isn’t spectacular in either video. The sun was setting and, although there was good ambient light, it wasn’t as good as the full daylight I recorded in a few days ago . I will, of course, repeat this experiment in better lighting. In the mean time, it’s quite amazing to see what is possible!