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This is a quick Glass vs DSLR that illustrates Glass’s limitations in the world of close-up photography.

This is the Glass photo.  The closest flowers are out of focus.  I was standing a few inches away but this is as intimate as the image would get.

Glass Dogwood


The image below is the DSLR version shot with my Nikon D5100 with 60mm Micro Lens:

Dogwood dlsr

Of course you might say “Why are all the flowers in the background blurry?”  If you’re not into impressionistic blur, bokeh effects or other Macro techniques, Glass may be perfect for you.  It’s all just a matter of personal taste.

I remember showing two very different flower photos to my mom once and having her say

“I like the second one better because the background isn’t as blurry.”  Alas, she didn’t know that I had taken a dozen photos of the same exact scene, the only difference being aperture which controls the blurriness of the background.  I picked the one that I thought was just right, then showed it to her along with a completely different image taken from a different angle with changes to the lighting and composition…  In the end, the most vital aspect to her was the blurriness of the background.  She liked less, I liked more.  It’s just personal taste.

So if you like less blurriness, just remember not to stand too close.  Below is a cropped version of the Glass photo where I removed some of the excess clutter (at least I saw it as clutter):

Glass Dogwood crop

And now I will admit that, after seeing the Glass version, I rather liked the deeper focus too.  It would be nice to go back and get a shot that was somewhere between the Glass shot and my original DSLR shot.  Maybe tomorrow…


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