First Impressions of Google Glass

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Our meeting at the Google Plex was concise – mostly designed to set up my Glass and sync it with my phone.  Everyone we met with was new to Google, had been hired to work on Project Glass, and had only been working there for a month or so.

In other words, you won’t get all your questions answered at the Glass fitting.  But it was exciting!

Setting up Glass with my wifi at home was challenging.  Re-syncing it to my phone’s Bluetooth was also challenging.  I had to restart the phone and Glass before it would work.  And when I tried connecting Glass to my PC to download my photos, that didn’t work either.  Luckily it did work when I connected Glass to my laptop.

No, you shouldn’t expect a Beta device to work perfectly, and I didn’t.  I’m not a techie and I DID manage to muddle through, which says a lot :-)

I’m planning to do an album of the Glass photos I took today at the gardens, compared with the SLR photos I took at the same time.  It should be interesting!

For now, I’ll suffice to say some photos were really good, some not as good, but the video quality was very impressive and the ease of use was AWESOME!

Quick tip:
Ladies, wear a headband if you’re out in the wind taking photos with Glass.  I have red/orange lines across a few shots ;-)
Guys, if your hair is getting in your photos, I don’t know what to tell you…  If your masculinity would bear it, a headband would work.


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