Glass Bans Abound

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I was hoping that we few Glass Explorers would have a little more time in a free Glass world, but alas…  Apparently, casinos in Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Connecticut are already starting to ban Glass.  According to the press of Atlantic City, the New Jersey Division of Gambling Enforcement issued a directive instructing the 12 casinos in Atlantic City to bar casino visitors from wearing Glass.

Some Las Vegas casinos have directed their security personnel to ask visitors to remove Glass, including those owned by Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts.  Caesars own several Las Vegas casinos, including Harrah’s, Horseshoe, Paris, Rio and Flamingo.  MGM Resorts own Bellagio, City Center, Aria, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Monte Carlo, NYNY, Luxor, Excalubur and Circus Circus.  That doesn’t leave too many options for the Glass-wearing visitor to the Vegas strip.  You may still be safe at Wynn and Encore, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

It was reported that Glass was banned at the annual Google shareholders meeting last Thursday.  In fact, Glass was not actually “banned” and some attendees were reportedly wearing Glass according to a report from CNBC.  However, Google forbid the use of recording devices during the event.

Some people have complained that Glass is not allowed at their workplaces.  As an employer, I understand this decision.  For one thing, Glass creates an initial distraction because everyone who sees it wants to try it on, ask questions about it, ask how to use it and what it does.  After day one, you are still likely to field questions from any visitors to the office.  And when you are not giving Glass demos, you will still be interrupted by text messages, social media updates, news headlines, and whatever else you’ve subscribed to.  Even though Glass has been marketed as a way to keep you in the loop without taking you out of the moment, your brain simply does not work that way.

“Mindfulness” has become a popular tool for those looking to increase productivity while decreasing stress.  This involves a conscious effort to put distractions aside, focus on the task at hand, work “in the present” and get “into the zone”.  When we can concentrate purely on the task at hand, the answers come more quickly and easily.  Unfortunately, the constant interruptions of the digital age are the very nemeses of mindfulness and productivity.

So the moment or two it takes you to read and process a message from Glass is only the beginning.  The end result may be a complete inability to accomplish anything for fear that, as soon as you get into the groove of thinking, you’ll be assaulted with another interruption…

NYT reports “Hurricane Betty rages against the east coast” Maybe we should change our travel plans. 

A text comes in: “Where are the trash bags?”  Ugh!

“NASDAQ reports record losses!”  I’ll never retire at this rate.

“Let’s do fish for dinner” Does fish sound good?

“When is Trudy’s birthday?” Whoops!

“Just wanted to say Hi”  Seriously?

So if you find yourself unusually stressed out in the weeks and months to come, give this a try…  1) Exit the internet, 2) Turn your phone to “mute”, and 3) Take off your Glass for while.  Experience a world of quiet contemplation and feel how relaxing and uplifting it can be.  However, if you find yourself “jonesing” for a connectivity fix, it may already be too late…


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