Glass Macros from the inside

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Here are a couple of new Glass macro images, this time showing the inside of Glass.

The screen is on, but you can’t really tell without looking at the reflection.  Look at the reflected (lower) prism and you can see the time of 8:14 shown backwards, small and faint.


Also, if you look to the right of the prism you’ll see the inner camera/light sensor.  This is what makes head detection possible.  I believe it is also responsible for wink detection, although so far I’ve not been able to confirm that.  Here’s a closer look:

ins camera


(3) comments

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8 years ago · Reply

Is that an ultrasound transducer I see in the middle of seemingly infrared LED/camera combo? They tend to look like cylindrical compenents with metal mesh covering them.

    Laura Ockel
    8 years ago · Reply

    Wow PacoBell that’s a great observation! I believe that is the microphone. What does an ultrasound transducer do?

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