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Quick and easy video upload to YouTube is here thanks to Fullscreen Beam!  Here is a walkthrough of the setup process.  Their website looks very polished!

1. Go to


2. Click on Sign In.  That will take you to the Access page.  There are a lot of permissions for this app:


3. Setup preferences and click “Submit Changes”.  A green message should appear near the bottom of your screen saying “Preferences Updated”.


4. Turn Fullscreen Beam “On” in the Sharing Contacts section of the MyGlass site.  It was on the bottom of the list for me:


5.  Now when you go to “Share” a video, you will have the new option to share it to “Fullscreen Beam”.  This will automatically upload the video to YouTube with a title of the date and time and “#throughglass”.  Here’s mine:

My experiences:

The wifi at our house is not great, so my video showed no signs of uploading until I turned the Bluetooth connection on.  Then I re-shared the video to Fullscreen Beam and it appeared on YouTube a few minutes later.  I was curious if it had uploaded the new share or the first (wifi) share, so I uploaded a different video that was 8 seconds long.  I kept watching for the confirmation email, but I noticed the video had uploaded a minute or so BEFORE the email arrived.  That one took about 10 to 15 minutes to appear on YouTube.

So the app works, it is quick and easy to use, but it may take a little while to upload.  But that’s to be expected with video.  It is very convenient to send your video right to YouTube in a single step.  Sharing content just got easier!


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