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How often do you find yourself in unfamiliar areas?  As a young adult, I find myself venturing in unfamiliar territory more often than not.  As I clench to the GPS on my phone (for fear of being lost), there is not a way for me to search for good quality restaurants nearby.  I could effortlessly make my way to the nearest McDonald’s, but I would rather try that 5 star brunch restaurant right around the corner.  Thank goodness for the technology of Google Glass and Yelp, allowing Tom Emrich to create this useful app known as Glass Eats.

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Glass Eats is based off the popular Android app, Yelp.  Visit Glass Eats website for step by step instructions on how to use this app.  When searching for restaurants, you can choose from 13 different types, including Chinese, Italian, Brunch, and more.  Yelp has over 100 restaurant categories, but for Glass, I think 13 is plenty.  After selecting the restaurant type, you will receive a bundle of five different cards.  These cards include the name of the restaurant, a picture from the restaurant, and the Yelp rating.  This is a quick and nice representation of the restaurant.  If you tap on one of these cards, you have the option to call for reservations, or have directions sent to your Glasses.  A few years ago, I had the great pleasure to bike the Katy Trail, stretching 237 miles.  This glassware would have been perfect while I was searching for restaurants along the trail because the directions can be switched to driving, biking, or walking.  If only I had Glass a few years ago.


Glass Eats has the potential to be one of the best glass apps available.  This app is extremely easy to use, but it is limited at the moment.  I would like to see a few more of the Yelp features applied in some way.  On the individual restaurant cards, the dollar signs that symbolize the price range could be next to the rating.  Yes, I am looking for a quality restaurant, but I am also looking for affordable.  I would also like to see how far away I am from this restaurant before deciding I want the directions sent to my Glass.  When you tap on the restaurant card, the options to call and get directions appear.  I would like the option to see the hours of the restaurant.  I would hate to get to all the way to this unfamiliar restaurant, just to find out they were not open.  Nevertheless, this is a fantastic app that works flawlessly.  Tom Emrich did a fabulous job at creating Glass Eats.  I have seen two glass apps developed by Emrich so far.  I am curious if he has any other glassware in store for us in the near future.


(5) comments

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Tom Emrich
8 years ago · Reply

Alexis thanks for the great write-up. I jotted down your wish list and will see what I can do in the next release! We have updated the app today to include the total number of reviews beside the star rating on the Yelp restaurant card and will continue to make improvements.

Alexis Behrle
8 years ago · Reply

That is great to hear! Thank you for creating this great app, and for being so dedicated to it. Dedication is what will set the good glassware apart from rest. I cannot wait to see what you have instore for us.

7 years ago · Reply

How do you delete cards after a search has been performed? I have ten or so of them are no longer relevant, but I can’t see how to get rid of them. There’s no delete option – just “Call” or “Get Directions”

Alexis Behrle
7 years ago · Reply

As of now, I believe the only card that can be deleted through this app is the welcome card. That would be a nice option though. Here is a link to his Google + page, so you can provide him with your feedback:

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