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It’s here!  Post your Glass photos directly to Facebook with Glass To Facebook!

Tesseract Mobile, makers of hit Android games such as Solitaire Free Pack and Gin Rummy, brings you the first Facebook app for Glass.  It’s easy to set up:

1.  Go to and click “login”.



2.  Click “Okay” to the 2 authorization boxes:

1Access profile

2Post publicly

3.  Turn Glass To Facebook “On” in the MyGlass site.  After that, you can post your photos to Facebook straight from Glass!


There’s my favorite little photo subject right there on Facebook in under a minute!  Facebook is quite strict about app names – no use of the words “face” OR “book”, or even the letters “FB” are allowed – so the Facebook post will appear under the name “Glass Post”.

The photo quality is great, posting is quick and easy, who could ask for more?  Sure, I love Google+, but a lot of my friends and family are planted firmly on Facebook.  Now I can share the good stuff with everyone in seconds!


(2) comments

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Cecilia Abadie
8 years ago · Reply

I tried and it worked just like you said, super fast and nice!

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