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The first photo editing app on Glass has arrived and its name is Glassagram!

As an avid photographer and an Android app developer, I had thought about the logistics of a photo editor for Glass.  The problem is the delay.  If you edit a photo on Glass, it is not the same as editing it on your phone.  The photo is sent to Google, the instructions are sent to Google and the resulting image is sent back.  As a result, if you wanted to brighten your image just a bit, you’d have to wait a ridiculously long time to get visual feedback on a minor change.

So, for one reason or another, the standard UIs that we all know and love are not going to work on Glass.  How, then, do you make a photo editor that is fun to use?  Well, Glassagram thought of a way.  Glassagram makes 5 variations on your image, all at the same time.  You can choose your favorite and go from there.  Yes, you still have to wait for the image to go through Google, and yes that process still takes a few minutes, but once you get your bundle back from Glassagram you have 5 varied and interesting images to view and consider.  It’s not a perfect system, but it is a great plan for the confines we have currently.

Here’s the step-by-step:

1.  Go to

2. Click “Allow”, which will take you to this page.  Follow the instructions from there:


My experiences:

I sent a photo.  It looked like this:

Charlie 0

A few minutes later, I received a bundle back from Glassagram.  I recognized it as a bundle because of the dog-eared corner in the upper right.

Glasagram bundle

The message seemed quite confident, so I tapped Glass to open the bundle.

Charlie 1   Charlie 2

Charlie3   Charlie 4

Charlie 5

The filtered photos look quite interesting.  It appears we have a black & white, a sepia, a lomo effect, an increased contrast and a brighten…?  Well, I’m sure about the black & white and the sepia.  The other filters may reveal themselves more on different photographs.  A nice choice of effects, fun to play with.  Looks good to me!



(2) comments

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