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According to the FRAC, almost 70% of adults are overweight or obese.  I cannot say this percentage is surprising, but it is alarming.  Perhaps the first fitness glass app can aid in reducing this high percentage.  GlassFit™ makes all the excuses irrelevant, considering it is almost always with you.  These workouts do not take much space or planning to complete, so you can start working out almost anywhere at anytime.


In order to start working out, you must first visit the website, and send the welcome card to your Glass timeline.  If you plan to use GlassFit™ frequently, pin it for easy access.  Tap on the welcome card bundle to see three different workout types to choose from.  The three workouts are relatively similar.  Lasting only two minutes, the beginner workout is quick and easy with only 10 reps of 4 different exercises.  The intermediate workout lasts three and a half minutes with 15 reps of 7 workouts.  With 20 reps of 10 different exercises, the advanced workout is more challenging lasting a total of five minutes.  All three workout types are rather simple and easy, so almost anyone can complete them.


Noble Ackerson has created a simple, well-made virtual fitness guide that can be used by almost anyone.  After selecting your preferred workout type, the exercise cards will start appearing in your timeline.  Each exercise card is labeled at the top, and below is a nice visual representation.  On the left is the amount of reps you should complete and a 30 second timer.  Once you have finished the exercise, scroll over to see the notification card.  I like seeing this card in my timeline because it is encouraging and motivational, and it notifies me of the next workout.  Are these notification cards necessary though?  With the exercise and notification cards, my timeline is becoming cluttered.  The option to delete individual cards is available, but it takes awhile to delete 20 cards.  In the future I would like to see the option to delete the entire workout from my timeline, or see the workout as a bundle.  After finishing the workout, you will receive a congratulations card.  You can share this card, and let every one know that you exercised, because that’s exciting news.


On a more serious note, GlassFit™ is a great start for Google Glass.  This idea can change the way people work out forever.  You could have a personal fitness coach or a complete workout at the blink of an eye.  That being said, these workouts are short, and should be done with other physical activity through out the day.  It sounds like Ackerson plans to make a lot of changes to this application, so make sure to leave your feedback.  If you want to see yoga, zumba, or cardio kick-boxing workouts appear in your timeline, let GlassFit™ know.  I cannot wait to see the possibilities GlassFit™ will bring to Glass!


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loving the 4th picture. “repitions” spelled completely wrong lol

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