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For many Glass Explorers, GlassFrogger is the first game we had a chance to play on Google Glass.  This impressive application was created using Dart and HTML5 during the Breaking Glass Hackathon in only 48 hours.  Team Frogger recreated the classic arcade game Frogger with an interesting twist.  This is a game that you will want to put on your face and try.  Jeff Bond, Jonathan Fearn, Steven Mautone, Ryan Weaving, and Adam Singer (members of Team Frogger), took first place and the prize the money home that day.  Here is a video of the team presenting their game.

Team Frogger took what Glass could do, and turned it into what Glass did do.  The user has to jump in the real world to make the frog jump in the virtual world.  GlassFrogger uses sensors and the camera in order to tell when the player is jumping.  This jumping idea is nice because it makes the game more interactive, and it gets users out of their seats.  I tried to actually jump while playing this game, but it did not work out so well.  Instead, I had to do more of a head bang to make the frog jump.  As you have probably figured out, looking silly is inevitable.  I would advise you not to play this in public, and especially not around traffic.  You just might end up embarrassing yourself, or becoming the roadkill.


In order to win GlassFrogger, you have to maneuver your way past semi-trucks, fast cars, and dangerous logs to get to the lily pads.  If you can safely get to the other side, you receive one point in the upper left corner. Every time you die, you lose a point.  Despite what number 3 says in the Instructions, do not hop on the logs.  They will kill your frog.  The graphics are simple, but this game is fun and addictive.  Anyone with Glass should try this game, and if you don’t, here is what you are missing out on!


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