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There are several news apps available to Google Glass now, so how is Marketing Land different? First of all, it is the only app that covers marketing related news exclusively. Marketing is crucial for most Google Glass users, and most people in general. Finally some news that can benefit everyone. Not to mention this is the first Glass app Rusty Brick created, and it works like a charm.

When arriving to the Marketing Land website, a preview of the app appears. It describes how the app will perform, provides a couple of screenshots, and a link to connect your Glass.

Marketing Land Review 1Marketing Land Review 2

After going through the standard connecting process, a list of 13 different marketing channels will appear that you can subscribe to. The app automatically subscribes to all channels, so make sure to check the channels that interest you. Shortly after updating your marketing news feed, a Marketing Land card will appear in your timeline.

Marketing Land Review 3

As soon as an article appears on the website, a card appears in your timeline. Depending on how busy the day is, depends on how many cards you will receive. If more than one article is posted around the same time, the app will create a bundle. This feature is nice because it prevents clutter in your timeline.

marketinglandscreenshot1 marketinglandscreenshot2 marketinglandscreenshot3 marketinglandscreenshot4

Tap on the Marketing Land card, and a new card will appear. This card includes the headline of the article, the author, how long ago it was posted, and sometimes a picture. Tap on that card, and the full article will appear. Just a few more taps, and the article will be read aloud. In the future it would be nice to see some pictures included in the articles, and a sharing option. Nevertheless, this is great glassware that I look forward to using. Marketing Land is a simple, easy to use news application that stands out among the rest.


(4) comments

[…] GlassAppZ Review – Marketing Land, […]

[…] GlassAppZ Review – Marketing Land, […]

[…] GlassAppZ Review – Marketing Land, […]

[…] GlassAppZ Review – Marketing Land, […]

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