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This is your

New York Times:


This is your New York Times

on Glass:

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Any Questions?


I expected something to show up on Glass after I installed the app, but nada.  So then I thought maybe I’d done something wrong.  Then I went out to get breakfast.  When I came back, I noticed this new card in my timeline:


I tapped on the card, and then got this card:


Yikes!  Well, I guess that explains it.  The Times gives you breaking news as it happens, not old news.  That makes sense.  However, it’s hard to read a headline like this and then go on about your day.  Your curiosity has been piqued, right?  Well, NYT to the rescue!  Tap Glass and this option appears:


So I tapped again, and my Glass proceeded to say “Archaeologists excavating a trash pit found marks on a skull and skeleton of a girl that suggested human consumption.”

And that was all.  No matter how often I tapped, I wasn’t going to learn any more.  Like why would archaeologists be digging around in a trash pit?  And how long had the girl been dead?  I was visualizing more of a garbage dump when, in actuality, it was from the Jamestown colony in the early 1600’s.  It was a historical site, not the site of a murder investigation.

Ironically, when I was going out for breakfast, I was contemplating how valuable these little news “snippets” might be.  I’d just read this article from the Huffington Post about the Times app and I suspected headline offered in the app would only lure you in and make you want more.  I did expect a greater section of the article to be read aloud, however, but now I think I understand the purpose of this app.

This app works well – it does what it says – but it really only serves to further interrupt your day.  Do you really need to be the first to know about a four-hundred year old act of cannibalism?  Obviously the headline won’t give you enough information to feel “informed”, so what will you do?  You’ll probably go to (like I did) where you’ll see lots of ads making lots of money for the struggling newspaper industry.


I didn’t consider this one to be too newsworthy, but it was attractive.  Maybe that counts for something.


(3) comments

7 years ago · Reply

I love getting to see how the app works on Glass. You should do some more like this with some of the other apps like Google Now, Navigation, Gmail, and Calendar.

    Laura Ockel
    7 years ago · Reply

    Thank you Mitchell! That is a great suggestion. Will work on that ASAP!

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