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Do you wish to create content for Google Glass, but you are not a developer? Your wish has been granted! Kevin Burson helps non-developers create content for Glass by creating the app SlideshowU. At the moment, only the beta version is available, and Burson says he plans to add many more features. When visiting the website, anyone can create a slideshow, even if they are not a Glass owner.


About 20 slideshows have been created on this website. There are a few slideshows that look like they are not completed. I recommend going through all four slideshows in the Intro category before you start creating any. These slideshows will walk you through the whole process. Besides the Intro category, there are Reference, How-To Guides, Checklists, Mock-Ups Recipes, Other, and Feedback categories. I have created two slideshows in the Other category.


The two slideshows I have created through this application are Tesseract Mobile and GlassAppZ. The two slideshows were fairly easy to create. Before you start creating a slideshow, you must select which category it fits, create a title, write a description, and agree to the terms.  SlideshowU provides thirteen different templates to choose from. Use caution when choosing which template you will use. A couple of the templates use a smaller font that can be difficult to read while using Glass. Select the normal or larger fonts while creating slides, otherwise you might strain your eyes trying to read through the Glasses. After selecting the appropriate template, you can add content. On this slide, I uploaded a picture to left of the text. Zoom in and out until the picture fits accordingly in the provided space. Adding text can be a little tricky. As of now, you cannot delete all text because the ability to add new text will disappear. I will usually leave at least one letter of the provided text, and delete it after adding new text. This is a rather small issue, but hopefully it will be changed soon. After completing the slide, save it by clicking the green check mark.



Overall this application is a great concept. The website is simple, and has a clean, organized layout. Above the slideshows are different sharing icons, so you can share these slideshows with anyone. When I shared my slideshow to Google+, there was not a picture. Instead, it looks like it is trying to load a picture. In future updates, it would be nice to see the first slide when sharing. After seeing a slideshow you like, send it to your Glass. A card will appear in the Glass timeline with the first slide displayed. Tap on the card, and the rest of the slideshow will appear. This is convenient because it does not clutter your timeline. I am curious about how many people have sent my slideshows to their Glass. I am not sure if this information is available, but maybe in the future the number could be displayed somewhere near the description. Even though this is still a beta version, SlideshowU is a wonderful application. Many thanks to Burson for creating an application so useful for non-developers, like myself!


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Hi, I like the style and the content of this site. Just to precise, as it’s mentioned at the bottom of the SlideshowU: The ‘Send to GLASS’ feature requires GLASS ownership. So for now you need to own a pair to use the features.

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