GlassAppZ Review: Through Glass

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The Through Glass app allows you to see the photos that your fellow Glass Explorers are uploading from Glass to G+.  You can see them on and on your Glass device.

Through Glass website

Thruglass web

In the Glass timeline:

Thruglass card

Thruglass card2

Through Glass does what it says, and if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the Glass community, it may be a great addition to your timeline.  As for me, I think I’d prefer to check the #throughglass posts on Google+ where I have the ability to +1 and comment on them.

However, this brings an interesting topic to mind.  I wonder what the Glass experience is like for Glass users who actually know other Glass users.  I live in the midwest, and so far I’ve only met one person who was able to identify Glass.  I recognize other Glass Explorer names from the communities, but I don’t really know any other Glass Explorers.

But when the invitations to pick up Glass started rolling out, I saw LOTS of G+ posts from people who were driving to Google to pick it up.  I’d bet the Glass users in California are much more likely to know other Glass users.  To them, these Through Glass posts might have more meaning.  You might say “Oh, look!  Pete finally managed a trip to the beach!”  I wonder…


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