GlassAppZ Review: Winky

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Glass apps are sprouting up all over.  As we speak, I am waiting for 2 different apps to work so I can write up reviews for them.  In the mean time, let me tell you what I know about Winky.

Winky was big news a few days ago.  However, since most of the people reporting on it don’t even have Glass, they couldn’t verify if it actually worked.  Instead, they turned the story into another big PRIVACY scare.

Winky accesses the wink detection in Glass and allows you to take a photo simply by winking.  No movement of the hand, no voice.  Yes, people could be taking pictures of you all day long and you’d never know it.  In other words, Glass could be used just like one of those pens with the hidden camera that they sell for $30.  Except it isn’t hidden at all.  It’s right on your face.  And anyone can look at the screen.  And Glass costs a lot more money.

I was a lot more interested in whether Winky actually worked.  Just because there was wink detection in the code doesn’t mean that Glass has the hardware to detect if the user is winking.  I skimmed the Google+ post where Mike DiGiovanni, the developer of Winky, describes the app.  A lot of people comment and sound impressed.  They ask if he’ll share how he did it.  But nobody (that I saw) confirms that it actually works.

Well, in order to find out the truth, my partner Joshua Frank had to do a lot of technical stuff that is outside of my expertise, but after a lot of doubt and several hours of work, Josh finally installed the app.

Yes, it works.

The Glass screen does not even need to be on.  Just wink and it takes a photo.  I saw Josh do it.  I did it.  Winky works!

No, you can not do an quick, easy upload and start winking pictures in the blink of an eye.  It’s complicated to get Winky working on your Glass.  So complicated that Josh will have to write that article.

But, in the mean time, I can at least tell you that Winky Works.



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