Women ticketed for driving with Google Glass

Should it be illegal to drive with Google Glass on?

Google Glass #2

Find out how Google Glass #2 is different than the first edition.

Glass Collective Invests in Entrepreneurs

The Glass Collective investment syndicate will provide financing and support to entrepreneurs shaping the future through Glass.

Google Glass Teardown

6-11-2013   A full dissection of Glass with high-resolution macro photos!

Congress is Dissapointed in Google’s Answers

Rep. Joe Barton released the following statement:
“I am disappointed in the responses we received from Google. There were questions that were not adequately answered and some not answered at all. Google Glass has the potential to change the way people communicate and interact. When new technology like this is introduced that could change societal norms, I believe it is important that people’s rights be protected and vital that privacy is built into the device. I look forward to continuing a working relationship with Google as Google Glass develops.”

Congress Sends a Letter to Google Regarding Privacy Issues


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