GlassAppZ Review: New York Times

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This is your

New York Times:


This is your New York Times

on Glass:

Image courtesy of Maag Microform Center

Any Questions?


I expected something to show up on Glass after I installed the app, but nada.  So then I thought maybe I’d done something wrong.  Then I went out to get breakfast.  When I came back, I noticed this new card in my timeline:


I tapped on the card, and then got this card:


Yikes!  Well, I guess that explains it.  The Times gives you breaking news as it happens, not old news.  That makes sense.  However, it’s hard to read a headline like this and then go on about your day.  Your curiosity has been piqued, right?  Well, NYT to the rescue!  Tap Glass and this option appears:


So I tapped again, and my Glass proceeded to say “Archaeologists excavating a trash pit found marks on a skull and skeleton of a girl that suggested human consumption.”

And that was all.  No matter how often I tapped, I wasn’t going to learn any more.  Like why would archaeologists be digging around in a trash pit?  And how long had the girl been dead?  I was visualizing more of a garbage dump when, in actuality, it was from the Jamestown colony in the early 1600’s.  It was a historical site, not the site of a murder investigation.

Ironically, when I was going out for breakfast, I was contemplating how valuable these little news “snippets” might be.  I’d just read this article from the Huffington Post about the Times app and I suspected headline offered in the app would only lure you in and make you want more.  I did expect a greater section of the article to be read aloud, however, but now I think I understand the purpose of this app.

This app works well – it does what it says – but it really only serves to further interrupt your day.  Do you really need to be the first to know about a four-hundred year old act of cannibalism?  Obviously the headline won’t give you enough information to feel “informed”, so what will you do?  You’ll probably go to (like I did) where you’ll see lots of ads making lots of money for the struggling newspaper industry.


I didn’t consider this one to be too newsworthy, but it was attractive.  Maybe that counts for something.

New Glass Macro

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Here’s a new Glass macro photo – this one “focussed” on the camera.

Glass Camera 1
I did an alternate crop of it. This one is a little more abstract. In fact, you might not even recognize it as the Glass camera and screen without the first version.

Glass Camera 2

Can’t decide which version I like better so I’m sharing both!

shhhh… Glass is Listening

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A funny thing happened a little while ago.  I was walking outside to film a Glass demo.  My foot slipped off the front door step and I fell on the concrete, twisted my ankle, and banged my head against the brick of the house…

== Not to worry – Glass was unharmed ==

My head took all of the impact (lol) and Glass survived the fall unscathed.  I gracefully crawled back into the house and Josh came to see what had happened.

“Were you looking through Glass?” he asked.

“No, I’m just clumsy.”  I handed Glass to Josh while I tried to stand.

“Can we say you were looking through Glass?” he joked.  “You were wearing Glass.  That has to make Google liable in some way…”  He was kidding, of course, but Glass was listening the whole time…

This was displayed on the Glass screen when I put it back on:


Seriously, I am not making this up!

Did Glass overhear our conversation and pull up this Google search to defend itself?  Probably not, but it sure sounds more interesting than

* The Truth *

The truth is Glass is listening to you all the time.  Like a loyal servant, Glass is waiting to hear your every command.  If you just got Glass, you’re probably talking about “Glass” a lot.  You’re probably turning the screen on all the time too (except when you want to).  So when the screen is on and you say something like “Ok Glass”, it tunes in and listens for the next key word.  You can say some unrelated stuff in between, but if the word “Google” comes up, Glass will do a search on whatever you say after that.

As a result, you will end up with a bunch of unfamiliar “cards” in your “timeline” which may be a bit disorienting and rather cluttery.  To be honest, the timeline can turn into a big mess in no time at all.  If I want to scroll back to the photo I took a few days ago, I have to go through every phone call, reminder and Google search in between.

I’m sure there must be a better way, and it’s only a matter of time until we find it.

I wonder if this is what the internet was like 30 years ago?

About Glass Hangouts

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If you want to hangout with someone via your Glass, there are a few steps that must be taken first…

1.  They must be in a G+ circle of yours (obviously, for a G+ hangout).

2.  You’ll need to go to the MyGlass website and turn them “On” under Sharing Contacts.

3.  You must initiate the hangout with them by saying “Ok Glass”…  “hang out with”… and then a list of your possible options will appear.  Say the same of the person or circle you want to contact.  If the person you want is not on the list, perhaps you didn’t do #2.

I had this problem yesterday because I thought I could just add the person as a contact on the MyGlass app on my Android, but that didn’t add them to the hangout list.  I thought it wasn’t syncing.  More accurately, it wasn’t sinking in that I was going about things the wrong way.

4.  As of now, you cannot enter an existing hangout from Glass.  Rather, you must initiate the hangout on Glass and invite people from there.  Makes things a little more challenging, but if you plan ahead with well-organized circles, it may end up second-nature in no time.

Here’s a new video I captured today from my computer screen showing the feed from Glass in a G+ Hangout.  I thought the quality issues I saw yesterday might have been due to poor light, but today’s version doesn’t look much different.  Considering it’s a live broadcast from a tiny wearable camera, I’d say it’s quite impressive all the same!

Just as before, here’s a comparison video recorded on Glass, uploaded to my Computer and then up to YouTube with significantly higher quality.


Hanging Out with Glass

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If you’re on a Google+ Hangout with your Glass, what is the person on the other side seeing?  Take a look:

This was recorded straight from my computer screen using CamStudio. I’m in a Hangout, and the video is what was recorded and transmitted from Glass LIVE into the Google+ Hangout.

Now just so you have something to compare it to, here is a second video I recorded with Glass a few minutes later (after I gave the battery a chance to charge). This video was RECORDED, downloaded onto my computer, uploaded onto YouTube, just like you would do with any digital camera.

Remember to use the highest available video quality (click the little gear in the YouTube interface to change playback quality) if you want to get the most accurate representation.

You’ll notice the video quality isn’t spectacular in either video. The sun was setting and, although there was good ambient light, it wasn’t as good as the full daylight I recorded in a few days ago . I will, of course, repeat this experiment in better lighting. In the mean time, it’s quite amazing to see what is possible!

Glass is Coolness

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Just took this cool macro photo of Glass.  Click for full size image.  Enjoy!


Glass Micro

Installing Apps to Glass

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Check out our new Appz page to find apps currently available on Glass!

Do you have a Glass app?  Let us know!


Here’s how to get Glass apps onto your device:

1. Click on the install link

2. Sign in if necessary

3. You should see a screen that looks like this.  Click on “Allow Access”.

Allow access

4. Go to the My Glass site.

5. Go to Sharing Contacts.

Sharing Contacts on

6. A new card for your app should be in among your contacts.  Click to turn it ON.
The Glass Tweet app works just as you’d expect. Go to a photo on Glass, “Share” the photo, and now a new option is available to “Tweet” it. Easy as can be!

Glass vs DSLR – Video Edition

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Escape for a few moments of joyful tranqility with these lovely videos that compare Google Glass with my DSLR. If you’ve been wondering about the video quality of this monumental piece of technology, here’s your chance to compare it side-by-side with a top amateur camera.

This video was filmed with Google Glass:

However, I should note that getting your hair in your videos can be a big problem. Because Glass is so inobtrusive, hair can easily blow in front of it, especially on windy days. You’ll see that at the end of this video.
I assumed my voice would be recorded over the brook if I used a vocal command to stop the video, so instead I pressed the button, which meant I had to let go of my hair first.

~ ~ ~

This version was filmed with my D5100 Nikon DSLR:

~ ~ ~

This was filmed with my D5100 Nikon DSLR, then processed through YouTube’s Stabilization:

~ ~ ~

And here’s the Google Glass version processed through YouTube’s Stabilization:

Photo Quality – Glass vs DSLR

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When I go for a photo walk, I have my DSLR in one hand, a heavy camera bag over my shoulder, and a difficult road ahead.

I’m a hardcore photographer and, for me, convenience takes a backseat to image quality.  But when an option like Glass comes along – something so effortless, you don’t even realize you’re carrying it – of course I had to check it out!

This album has 20 scenes taken with Glass and also with my Nikon D5100 DSLR during the same walk through the botanical gardens.  Sometimes the DSLR shot is composed differently (shot in portrait, zoomed) but that’s because that is the shot I intended to take.

























Glass does not allow you to zoom or shoot in portrait (unless you bend sideways). However, you can always crop the image later, and in a few cases I did just that to illustrate how it would compare.

Glass shoots 5mp, my DSLR shoots 16.2 mp.

This difference may not be noticeable when viewing a photo on your computer or your phone, but it would be noticeable if you did a 18 x 24 print and hung it in your living room.

Beyond the megapixels, the Glass photos turned out really great! I was quite impressed. I’ll be doing more comparisons in other environments in the future, but outdoor, sunny, colorful views of the garden were captured quite well by Glass!

Except for my addition of the Glass logo or DSLR symbol, numbers and notes, all shots are SOOC unless otherwise noted. In other words, I did not change the size, resolution, colors, contrast, etc.

I would love to hear some feedback. How do you think the Glass photos measure up?

First Impressions of Google Glass

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Our meeting at the Google Plex was concise – mostly designed to set up my Glass and sync it with my phone.  Everyone we met with was new to Google, had been hired to work on Project Glass, and had only been working there for a month or so.

In other words, you won’t get all your questions answered at the Glass fitting.  But it was exciting!

Setting up Glass with my wifi at home was challenging.  Re-syncing it to my phone’s Bluetooth was also challenging.  I had to restart the phone and Glass before it would work.  And when I tried connecting Glass to my PC to download my photos, that didn’t work either.  Luckily it did work when I connected Glass to my laptop.

No, you shouldn’t expect a Beta device to work perfectly, and I didn’t.  I’m not a techie and I DID manage to muddle through, which says a lot :-)

I’m planning to do an album of the Glass photos I took today at the gardens, compared with the SLR photos I took at the same time.  It should be interesting!

For now, I’ll suffice to say some photos were really good, some not as good, but the video quality was very impressive and the ease of use was AWESOME!

Quick tip:
Ladies, wear a headband if you’re out in the wind taking photos with Glass.  I have red/orange lines across a few shots ;-)
Guys, if your hair is getting in your photos, I don’t know what to tell you…  If your masculinity would bear it, a headband would work.