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Come with me as I explore the Glass Timeline.

Scrolling back a couple of hours, I can see a Times update, a photo, and the results of a Google search:

Timeline 2h

Go back several hours and you’ll see more Times posts:

Timeline 9h

If you have to scroll a long way back, you’ll often get blank cards.  They’ll usually fill in after a moment or two.

Recent timeline

On the other hand, I’ve noticed that photos and videos that I’ve removed from glass by uploading them to the PC leave blank cards behind.

Rather than wait for the photos to upload to Google+, I prefer to use a micro USB to attach Glass to my PC and do a cut and paste to transport them.  I would have thought the “cut” would remove them altogether, and it does remove the image, but the card remains unless you delete it.

last week

Here are some of those photos I took at the gardens last week and…

Last post

….here is the end of the line.

Yes, it appears the timeline only goes back 1 week.  In fact, during the time I’ve been writing, several more of my photos from last week’s garden trip have disappeared.  Not to worry – they uploaded to G+ long ago – but I’ll never again be able to see my very first Google search on Glass.  I’ll never reminisce about my every action from Day 1 as a Glass Explorer :-(

This is really quite a relief, since I’d been wondering how people kept their timeline tidy, what with all those infernal New York Times updates popping up every hour and all those blank cards just taking up space.  It’s nice to know that they will someday be swept away into oblivion.

Like any good problem, I ignored it, and it went away.  Funny how that works out sometimes.


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